Society has created a binary with the sole purpose of dividing one another, enforced by strict codes of conduct. We feel we must bend to the point of breaking in order to be accepted.

It is a distraction from the much greater problems on our hands.

We must appreciate one other in our differences in order to fight the system that raises us, educates us, and oppresses us. We are all an extension of this Earth, and thus a part of one another.

This work is an offering to wear a lens of someone other than yourself, to make peace with the differences between ourselves, and work together to create beneficial shared solutions.

In doing so, we can find pleasure in enjoying ourselves as well as one another.

This collection is inspired by the women and gender benders of the Surrealist movement. As stated by Claude Cahun, “Under this mask, another mask. I will never be finished removing all these faces.” Continue to explore, shift, and discover yourself.

The Surrealists championed the irrational, the poetic, and the revolutionary. This research motivated the designs of the pieces to tell stories of gender affirmations, androgyny, body hair politics, and tender moments where one reconciles their exterior appearance with their interior feelings.

Focusing on materials from Earth, consciously sourced leather and wool ground the wearer.

Vegetable tanned leather, ideal for its mouldable properties, feel, and finish, is paired with wool sourced from humane, family-run farms in Texas and Australia. Crafting the felt by hand adds the designer’s labor and touch to the products. The result is a mouldable, sewable, forgiving and very durable material. All hardware is sourced from a local wholesaler, to keep production as close to home as possible.